Stake USDSC to get up to 12% returns per annum

02 May 2021 - 19:10:56

  1. Purchase BEP20 USDSC with BEP20 BNB

  2. Deposit BEP20 USDSC in

  3. You will get USD in your vault. Click STAKE in your vault and enter the amount to stake

  4. Every month you will get your interest in your vault. For the first month of staking it will be pro-rated

  5. The staking period starts from 1st of next month

  6. After the staking period, the stake amount will be UNFREEZED on last day of the month.

Note: Please select the months of staking when staking.

1 month: 0.1% per month

3 months: 0.2% per month

6 months: 0.3% per month

9 months: 0.4% per month

12 months: 0.5% per month

24 months: 1.0% per month